Frequently Asked Questions

Picture and Video Quality
  INSEXM prides itself on producing high quality pictures and videos for our customers to enjoy. Below are two examples of the quality of our pictures and videos. This screenshot of the movie has been enlarged to 200%, and it still looks sharp and clear! The image below is the exact quality of the ones on the web site.

QUALITY of 320x240 775 kbps REAL MEDIA Movie (at 200%)
Customer Support
  If you lost or forgot your username and/or password, you can find them using the PASSWORD RESET FORM.

For all other matters related to production, refunds or administrative concerns, we request that you use our SUPPORT REQUEST EMAIL for the fastest response, as your request will be routed to the current staff member on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We will try to address all customer support requests within two (2) business days, but we are often able to answer most inquiries within one (1) business day or less.
About Us
  INSEXM is owned and operated by Intersec Europe B.V.

Our address for business correspondence is:

Intersec Europe B.V.
Postbus 82421
2508 EK Den Haag

If you wish to contact us immediately via electronic means, please do so using the SUPPORT REQUEST EMAIL.
Passwords / Tickets / Membership
  If you lost or forgot your username and/or password, you can find them using the PASSWORD RESET FORM.

Your username and password acts as a token that authorizes only you, the purchaser, to access INSEXM content.
  • Do NOT use false information (name, etc.) when purchasing your ticket.
  • Do NOT distribute your username and password to others.
  • Do NOT access INSEXM from more than one computer or session at the same time.
  • Do NOT distribute INSEXM content to others.

Violation of any of the above will cause your ticket to be revoked.

Tickets are one time non-recurring purchases. This means that you will never be rebilled when your ticket expires. You must manually purchase another ticket if you wish to continue or renew your membership. We will never surprise you with unexpected charges.

Contract Fulfillment
  Your ticket to INSEXM will be delivered to you immediately upon your successful card transaction via your web browser and sent to the email address you provide during the ordering process. This is a one-time non-recurring charge.
Real Video
  The RealPlayer is needed to view the movies and video clips contained on this site. A free version of RealPlayer is available for download at Note that the free RealPlayer works great with INSEXM. Look for the link titled "Free RealPlayer" on the site, as they try to get you to purchase the paid version which is unnecessary.
  You need to enable your web browser and/or anti-virus and/or privacy software to allow your web browser to accept cookies. You will not be able to log in and use the site otherwise. If you do not wish to enable cookies, please do not purchase a ticket, as you won't be able to use it.
Viewing / Downloading Problems
  Sometimes customers have problems viewing our clips, pictures and/or zip files with certain web browsers if they right click on a link and attempt to launch the file directly from the browser window. If you are experiencing a problem when doing this, he solution is to left click on the link instead and select "Save As.." from the dialog box that appears and save the file you are trying to retrieve to your desktop. You may have to rename the file from "media.php" to something like "jenny.rm" or "" or "sharon.jpg" if your browser does not automatically select the correct name for the file during the download process. Once the file completes downloading to your computer, you can then double click on it and launch it directly from your hard drive.
Refund Policy
  For refund requests, use our SUPPORT REQUEST EMAIL.

Please include the name and email address you used when you purchased your ticket. If you know your ticket number, please include that as well. Please include a short explanation of why you are requesting a refund. INSEXM keeps specific and detailed data on ticket usage (IP addresses, bytes downloaded, number of sessions, etc.) In general, reasonable refund requests will be granted, except in clear cases of abuse (i.e. you signed up for a month, used your ticket for 29 days and downloaded 29 GB of data, then requested a refund in an attempt to defraud the site.)
  All photos, images, drawings, stories, video clips, movies and other media on this web site are exclusively owned and copyrighted by INSEXM and Intersec Europe. Do NOT sell, distribute, copy, or otherwise infringe on the COPYRIGHTED materials on this web site. Do NOT post materials from this web site to USENET, or to any other venue, web site, mailing list, or publish in print, paper, or any other media, such as CD-ROM, DVD, etc.

Do NOT think that because we are in the adult industry that you will get away with piracy. Our copyright attorney has successfully won settlements against thieves selling our content in the past and we will not hesitate to go after you.
18 U.S.C § 2257
  All INSEXM performers were at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of production of the visual depictions on this site. However, as INSEXM is wholly owned and distributed by the Dutch company Intersec Europe, based in the Netherlands and owned by a Dutch citizen, 18 U.S.C § 2257 does not apply, as the web site is not within the jurisdiction of US law.
Model Call
  INSEXM is an archive site, and is not currently looking for new models at this time.

18 U.S.C § 2257 does not apply to this site, as it is wholly owned and operated by Intersec Europe B.V., a Dutch company not subject to the jurisdiction of US law. Nonetheless, Intersec Europe B.V. states that all INSEXM performers were at least eighteen years of age at the time of the production of the visual depcitions in this site. Records with respect to visual depictions of actual sexually explicit conduct are kept by:

Intersec Europe B.V.
Postbus 82421
2508 EK Den Haag